The Archaic Procession emerged in Karam’s work in the 1990’s on paper and in paintings as a visual language celebrating diversity in response to conflict rooted in cultural, religious or ethnic difference. Their processional configuration is solemn, with echoes of a performed ritual and paintings from ancient cultures. On paper and canvas, the shadows or roots of the Archaic Procession elements go deep underground to reach the places where the city’s stories of the past and memories can be found.

Symbolism in the Archaic Procession, 1990
Acrylic on Canvas, 120 x 50 cm
Decay, 1992
Mixed Media on Canvas, 114 x 195 cm
The Prague Chess Game, 1995
Mixed Media on Canvas, 37 x 135 cm
Blue without Himmelblau, 1995
Mixed Media on Canvas, 30 x 90 cm
The Wild Cat & the Elephant on the Charles Bridge, 1995
Mixed Media on Canvas, 100 x 160 cm
Memories, War and Hope, 2008
Mixed Media on Canvas, triptych, 200 x 360 cm
Black Elephant, 2018
Mixed Media on Canvas, 200 x 340.3 cm