Karam created the Confinement series in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic, during the very first Lebanese lockdown in March 2021. Unable to travel or work from his office, Karam established a new daily ritual of working from the studio space he had built on the terraced slopes below his mountain family house. He confronted empty crates and canvases in response to the globally unprecedented situation, and as a means to escape the imposed restrictions.
The scale of the works is a response to events that were overwhelmingly ‘larger than life itself.’

Larger than Life Itself, 2020
Mixed media on canvas, triptych, 450 x 200 cm (each)
Seeds, Nodes, Holes, 2021
Mixed media on canvas, 200 x 500 cm
Confinement Flowers, 2020
Mixed media on wooden crates, 310 x 678 cm