MIXC Mall, Shenyang, China


Stainless Steel and LED lights

Dream Cloud is an artwork that embodies the essence and aspirations of Shenyang, a historically significant and culturally diverse city. This installation, composed of illuminated stainless steel bands, takes on the form of a cloud made of ribbon-like curves. It serves as a visual representation of the city's identity and its dynamic evolution.

Home to the Jin and Qing Imperial Palace, Shenyang means "the Yang side of the Shen River" or the sunny side of the river. It stands as prominent lighting feature in the main atrium of MixC Mall, beckoning visitors to explore the rich history and cultural diversity of the city. As such, our design intends to highlight a stream of flowing stories from the region that encompass the sociocultural characteristics of Shenyang.

Shenyang was an important industrial center in China with a focus on heavy industries like aerospace and automotive. As part of the city’s revitalization efforts, it has diversified its industries and now serves as a key transportation and commercial hub in Northeast China.
Shenyang is also home to a diverse population that encompasses the majority of the various ethnic groups in China, further adding to its cultural richness.

Dream Cloud symbolizes the dreams and aspirations for the region’s future. The Cloud’s stainless steel bands are carved with Karam’s visual language elements that tell stories of Shenyang's growth and development. The installation is meant as an incentive to encourage Shenyang's residents, particularly its youth, to return to the city and actively participate in its cultural enrichment.

Dream Cloud is a visual representation of Shenyang’s perpetual transformation and its desire to embrace diversity and vibrancy as it moves forward.