In 2015, Karam started exploring the origin, potential, construction, and materiality of thought. He began experimenting with scrap steel as a symbol of the endless revival and reconfigurations of theories, the reuse of ideologies, as well as neglected concepts or discarded thoughts.

Following his Stretching Thoughts series, which evoked the unlimited potential of creative thought, Karam began examining the fate of ideas that do not fit the dominant cultural mold. For his installation series Neglected Thoughts, he used the accumulation of scrap steel taken from destroyed Lebanese buildings, alluding to the fate of productive thoughts overshadowed by simplistic discourses or just abandoned potential.

In Compressed Thoughts, the recycled steel rods, extracted and compressed, evoke the pure raw matter of thoughts, condensed into a palpable essence.

Compressed Thoughts, 2017
Compressed scrap metal, 45 x 45cm
Compressed Thoughts (detail), 2017
Compressed scrap metal, 45 x 45cm