Villa Empain, Brussels, Belgium

Spaces-in-Between was commissioned by the Boghossian Foundation to reflect the mission of Villa Empain as an institution of art and dialogue between cultures of the East and the West.

The terms East and West have been used over a span of centuries and carry diverse meanings related to perceived socio-cultural differences. The East-West dichotomy also brings to mind a sense of tension between two geographical zones, distinct identities, and contradicting articulations of worldviews.

Through his work, Spaces In-Between, Karam attempts to map out East-West dynamics by considering the intangible boundaries between the two cultural hemispheres. The work consists of two convex circular polished stainless steel sculptures facing each other obliquely. Each of the sculptures has a central invisible circle from which perforated patterns converge towards the centre on one sculpture, and grow from the circle towards the outer edge on the other. They seem to suggest separate worlds and stories that do not coincide. However, if one were to stand between them, each sculpture can be seen reflected in its entirety as a smaller entity within the other, creating realms where imaginary dialogues could arise.