Sheikh Abdullah Al Salem Cultural Center, Kuwait

Al-Mir’aat; The Path of Reflections is a commissioned public art intervention for Sheikh Abdullah Al Salem Cultural Centre museum complex.

The installation consists of a series of seven large-scale sculptures conceived to give a distinct visual identity to each museum within the architecturally homogenous museum complex of the Sheikh Abdullah Al Salem Cultural Centre. The giant sculptures Arfaj, Al-Mou’alak, Dilmun, Nafs, Al-Zamakan, Silat and Kadhima bring a storytelling dimension to the promenade along the central spine of the museum complex, and function as cultural symbols at the entrance of each museum. Each sculpture evokes the theme and content of the museum it represents through visual stories rooted in Kuwait’s history and culture.

Arfaj, named for the yellow national flower of Kuwait, evokes the human link to the ecosystem for the Natural History Museum; Dilmun, borrowing its name from the regional prehistoric Bronze Age civilization, embodies an ancient creature for the Prehistory Museum; and Kadhima, evoking the ancient Kuwait area settlement, strategic for land and sea trading routes, stands at the Transport Museum. Nafes, signifying soul and breath, heralds the Human Body and Mind Museum; Silat depicts the perfection of the circle for the Fine Arts and Arabian Science Museum; and Al-Zamakan, denoting space and time, represents the Space Museum. Only Mou’alak, suspended upside down in the central domain, is unrelated to a specific museum, but hints at the importance of different perspectives.

All photographs of artworks © Christian Ghammashi, courtesy ASCC