The very first Ferris Wheel was opened to the public in Chicago in 1893. Inspired by this fact, Karam and his studio initiated a site-specific project for Chicago that re-interprets the Ferris wheel for a lakeside area with low frequentation to transform it into a cultural hub on the waterfront of Chicago.

The project consists of a total of seven revolving wheels for Olive Park and Navy Pier. Five of these are designed for placement above the existing circular fountains of Olive Park, the circumference of each mirroring that of its fountain. Driven by the lakeshore winds, the wheels are designed to spin on their axes and have the potential to generate enough energy to sustain the lighting and irrigation of Olive Park.

The sixth wheel is intended for placement in Navy Pier’s Gateway Park and the seventh for Lake Michigan. The sizes of the wheels vary from 20 – 35m in diameter, and each has an individual design related to a geographical and cultural sphere of Chicago. Visible from both the water and most parts of the city, The Wheels would become landmarks celebrating the energy, multiculturalism and creativity of Chicago.

2012 THE WHEELS Chicago, United States