The Shout & Silence body of works emerged from Karam’s sketchbooks in 2015 as beings carrying raw emotions. Choosing to speak or not to speak can be an existential question, or the result of power dynamics. “There are millions of shouts”, says Karam, “but so little can be heard”. What are the thoughts and emotions of those who remain silent? A Shout can be repressed and become Silence. Karam asks, “Are we shouting in silence or being silenced by the few who shout?” Le Dialogue des Sourds (The Dialogue of the Deaf) features two Shouts facing each other in a confrontation of power. The space between the two sculptures is charged with tension extreme enough to “trap an entire population between the reverberation of their echoes”.

Sublime Silence and Heavy Silence, 2016
Polished Stainless Steel, 110 x 60 x 180 cm & 60 x 40 x 200 cm
Dialogue des Sourds, 2016
Black Polished Stainless Steel, 150 x 190 x 230 cm & 90 x 190 x 230 cm
Media Shout, 2017
Painted stainless steel, H 88cm
Trigger Shout, 2017
Painted stainless steel, H 88cm